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Union County EMS

Our History

Union County EMS was founded under the Union Hospital District in 1986, replacing the former Gregory & Johnson Ambulance Service. After many years as a private service, the system began its operation as a county service with one full-time ambulance. It was operated by Wallace Thomson Hospital until 2015 when Union County assumed its operation.

Our Services today

Today UCEMS continues to operate as a third-service ALS 911-only service. Answering 5500 calls each year. The service operates three emergency ALS ambulances, One heavy rescue truck. Operating 365 days a year 24hrs a day. Our crews respond to calls received through the Union County E-911 system. The service is based on current professional standards of care, recognizing modern American Heart Association treatment science and progressive protocols. We utilize late-model ambulance chassis, Power lift and Power load Stretchers, ESO E-PCR patient care records, Lucas Chest Compression System, and other forms of technology for a safe and pleasant experience.